E: It is important to establish meaningful chemicals inventories (plant-specific, sector-specific or BREF-specific). Block 1 will guide you through the steps necessary to establish this inventory. It also guides you to identify substances used, collect all data necessary to assess if the substance is a (relevant) target substances, and if the substance used is already subject of regulation.
In order to get an idea of which substances might be of concern in the respective industrial sectors, the technical and chemical functions of the chemicals or groups of chemicals used are relevant. For the substances thus identified, the parameters for fate and behaviour or for hazard potential can be determined from the ECHA database. In addition, the substances can be checked to see whether they are already subject to regulation. Thus, the sub­stances, for which BAT conclusions are to be developed, are determined. At the end there is a table of chemicals with information on the parameters of concern, as well as possible measures to reduce risks or abatement techniques.

Substance name, Unique identifier (CAS-no. and/or EC-no., IUPAC name)
A: Substance properties:
• Solubility
• Vapour pressure
• Degradability » Persistence
• Adsorption / desorption coefficient (log Koc) » Mobility
• Bioaccumulation
• Effects on the environment: Eco-toxicity, ED-effects, PNEC
• Effects on human health: at least CMR, ED-effects, skin sensibility
B: Degradation products and their properties: similar to properties for the starting substance
• (same as under A)
C: Information on processes where the substance is used
• Process A:
• Description of process, techniques, …
• Substance used as such, in a mixture / product, name of mixture / product, concentration in mixture / product
• Technical function of the substance in process:
• Characterisation of exposure: Environment: ERC or SPERC (e.g. considerations like: reacting on use, integration into / onto matrix, processing aid, Release factor, conditions of safe use (amounts used, risk management measure, PEC derived)
• Release expected to: air / water / solid waste
• Abatement technique in place
• Information on amounts stored, used, recovered, disposed of, returned to suppliers
• Process B:
• (as under process A)
D: Regulatory status
• Regulation under REACH, WFD, national law, etc.
E: Results of assessment
• Results of assessments: degradability, mobility, PEC / PNEC ratio, PBT assessment
• Further action if necessary: e.g. monitoring, adaptation sewage treatment, substitution
• Substance of concern / Relevant target substance e.g. as a result from interactive scheme for waste water)
• (to be added)….
• An example for a chemicals inventory can be found in WP 2 report

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